For this Faith Foundations Sermon, we look at the Bible as One Story.  Too often we try to separate the Old Testament and the New Testament, but the truth is, they both need one another.  Martin Luther spoke of the Old Testament as the cradle in which the New Testament was laid.  There are so many examples we could use, but today we look at Jesus as the fulfillment of the the role of High Priest, the sacrfice, and the scapegoat of the important Jewish festival of Yom Kippur.  



The Old Testament points Jesus as the Messiah in so many ways.  When we see one of the following (which I call "the Big Six") we should be aware that this may teach us something about the life and ministry of Jesus.  

1.  Roles (Prophet, Priest, King)
2.  Specific People (Abraham, Ruth, David)

3.  Specific Events (Crossing of the Red Sea, Passover, Abraham and Isaac)
4.  Rites, Rituals, Festivals
5.  Geography (Specific and General)
6.  Numbers

For you assignment, use the list above and write a one page (single-spaced) report on which of these categories can be used to show how Jesus is the fulfillment of the roles of High Priest, Scapegoat, and Sacrifice in the festival of Yom Kippur.  Listen to the sermon to get some ideas!